Green Contract Management

We're all looking for ways to cut down on our carbon footprint.  Here is just another way in which we can save on paper and what's more, we can save on emails too.

Reduce your carbon

  • paperless
  • ink free
  • post and stamp free
  • fewer emails

Save yourself time

Let's face it, everyone's inbox is rammed full of emails with more and more coming in every day.  It's not just the spam that gets us down but the shear amount of emails all demanding our attention. We can't see the wood for the trees! 

What if you had a central application that could deal with all your contracting tasks for you?

  • allow contractual parties to comment on documents
  • send reminders on your behalf
  • let you know when documents are signed

If everyone can comment directly on proposed agreements in situ, this could save all that back and forward of emails.  Agreements could be negotiated much smoother.

File with ease

You don't need to keep paper copies or even clog up your laptop with the previous year's contracts, store them all in one place using tags so that you can easily find them even years later.

  • Tag them
  • Archive them
  • Search for them

With all your contracts and agreements in one place, there is no need for you to remember where they are.