Digital Signatures

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Digital Signatures

You can choose to upload a copy of your signature to add to the document if you prefer.  However, StageSwift is not just a electronic signature, it is proof that an agreement has been made, it is a digital signature

Electronic Signatures
  • An electronic signature is a typed, drawn, or otherwise computer-added signature on a document.
  • A digital signature is an electronic signature that uses secure coding to protect the document.
  • It also offers a digital certificate embedding details like email addresses, when and where people signed any documents, and the serial number and identifying details of the device they use to do it.

Blockchain Records

StageSwift allows you to create agreements and contracts that are signed on the Blockchain.

The Blockchain is a permanent record of your contract. StageSwift encrypts your documents and creates a stamp on the Blockchain which can then be used to prove that a document has not been tampered with.

Blockchain Records
  • Provides a tamper-evident history of the document's life-cycle, increasing trust among parties and reducing the risk of fraud.
  • Independent verification of the document authenticity and modifications.
  • Blockchain can securely manage digital identities, providing a robust method for verifying the identities of contract parties.
  • Increases the security of sensitive legal documents against unauthorised access and cyber threats.
  • Provides a decentralised immutable ledger.

Track & Manage

With StageSwift you can see the status of each of your documents at a glance.  It's easy to add notes to your documents so that you or one of your colleagues can know any additional information.

With comments, you can conduct negotiations online removing the need for timeconsuming phone calls or complicated email threads.

Track & Manage
  • Agreement status at a glance.
  • Use comments.
  • Leave notes for yourself or your colleagues.
  • Automatic email notifications.
  • Multiple recipients.
  • Create a bundle of documents that form the complete agreement.
  • De-clutter your account by archiving older documents.

Don't just take our word for it...

Vamos Theatre tours all over the world - from major theatres to care homes – and we can do this because our business is underpinned by StageSwift. Intuitive and easy to use, it’s enabled us to thrive, even during lockdown, and work effectively, flexibly and responsively at all times.

Importantly, StageSwift has been built by people who really understand arts companies and what we need.

It has exceeded all our expectations...

Rachael Savage Executive and Artistic director, Vamos Theatre (UK)

Photo from production Dead Good by Vamos Theatre

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